Cordwood House Brick~Oven Bakers is a home based business baking hand made artisan breads.  We use a natural leavening (sourdough) process that takes from 24-36 hours to create our loaves of bread.  Bread is a basic food and should have minimal ingredients.  Our breads only contain flour, water, and salt.

We then bake in our wood fired brick oven to provide a taste and texture you will not find in your average store bought loaf of bread.



Hot News - fresh from the oven

Its summer, and that means FARMERS MARKETS!!  Pick up our fresh bread at the Harrison Farmers Market on FRIDAYS from 1p -5p.  Our friends at High View Farm are selling it.

Visit us on SUNDAYS in North Conway for the North Conway Farmers Market 9a - 1p.  Look for our blue tent right in front of the gazebo!

Here is our current summer delivery schedule:

FRIDAY: Sherman Farm, Jockey Cap, and Everything for Less

SATURDAY: Sherman Farm, Spice & Grain, Center Lovell Market

SUNDAY: Sherman Farm

If you miss our fresh delivery you can always find our loaves in the freezer case at Sherman Farm, Spice & Grain or Everything for Less.


Planning a special event??  We would be happy to bake any of our artisan loaves to add to your menu!  There is nothing like a fresh loaf of bread baked in a wood fired brick oven to complete any meal!!

Just call 207-890-8631





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